Quilt Challenge

Last year we had a stuffed animal challenge.  This year we are having a small quilt challenge.  The small quilt will be based on a paint sample card from Home Depot.  Ribbons will be awarded based on viewers choice.

The basic rules are:

    • Request a paint sample card from Sherry Gary.  You will be given an envelope (packet) with your color card, instructions and entry number.
    • You must use most if not all of the colors on your paint sample.
    • You can add only one other color of your choosing.
    • The size must not  exceed 20”X 20”.
    • Your design can be anything you want as long as you use the colors given to you, embellishments are fine as long as they accentuate but not overtake the quilt. 
    • Your small quilt must be quilted and bound.
    • When finished, safety pin the number you were given in your packet to the bottom right front corner.
    • You will get your quilt back at the end of the show.

That’s it!  I hope that you are “challenged” !

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