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Last Updated 24 May 2021


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Having fun at The Hive!

Pick up Susan

​@ 8:45

​​​What is the Hive?
     The Hive is a group of new members of the Quilters’ Guild of East Texas who meet after the conclusion of the Guild meeting to learn new skills related to quilting and to get acquainted with other members of the Guild.
Where does it meet?
     Usually, the meeting room is in the second building in the room #5 Conference Room. This is also the room where workshops are held.
When does it meet?
     The meeting starts about 30 minutes after the Guild meeting concludes or around 12:30. This start time allows you to get a quick meal or enjoy a sack lunch that you brought from home. There is a snack-eating area in the foyer of the second building.



​1/2 yd Fabric

5-fat quarters

Hive News May

I hope you have completed your badge holder!

This month we will make a money/credit card holder. I made one years ago

and have enjoyed it because it is compact and easy to find in my purse. It has

an open pocket in the middle with two flap pockets.

You have the option to stop by and take a photo of the directions, or bring

your supplies, sewing machine, and fabric to make your money/credit card holder

with a mentor to guide you. If you choose the second option, please contact

me, Susan Webber, so that we can have tables set up for your use.

The supply list for the money/credit card holder includes:

            2 fabrics – 9” X 9” coordinating fabric
            2 pieces of hook and loop tape – any width by ½” or two dots or 2 snaps

In May the Hive will be in the CLC (2nd building) conference room #5, as far as I know. If there is a change, I will let you know.

The Hive is open to any member of the Quilters’ Guild of East Texas. New members are especially encouraged to join in the training and fellowship. We will meet about 30 minutes after the end of the Guild meeting. Bring a snack or pick up take out. Stay safe and healthy.

Susan Webber, 1st Vice President, Hive