Last Updated: 2 August 2022

This information is from a very knowledgeable, quilt historian and quilt restorationist who is a member of the American Quilt Study Group. This is shared with permission.  Wool is an animal fiber, naturally acidic, prefers an acidic environment. Can be damaged by alkaline/base substances.

  • Cotton is a cellulose plant fiber, naturally alkaline, prefers a PH neutral or base environment. Can be damaged by acidic substances.
  • Your wool objects love being in a cedar chest both for insect protection and the acid in the wood.
  • Your cotton objects will be destroyed in the same environment.
  • Your cotton objects love being in an acid-free box.
  • Your wool objects will be damaged in the same acid-free box unless you use the liner for wool objects sold by reputable textile box makers. And change that liner according to manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Put a wool batt on top of a cotton batt, force them in close contact by sandwiching them between fabric and stitching them-----
  • You create a ticking Time Bomb. They are constantly quietly destroying each other.

BTW - you create the same Time Bomb if you use wool batts inside cotton fabric.  The Bomb may not explode in your lifetime. But when it does and your descendants bring the shattered quilt to someone like me, there will be nothing that can be done to "fix" it.

I know this is true but I had not thought of it in regards to combining quilt batts. The information at the museum supply company where I buy my storage boxes tells you the same thing. Do not put animal protein products (wool, silk) in a buffered box or use acid-free paper.

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