September 8, Trish Stuart

           September 9, Workshop, Growing a Hummingbird, ​Trish Stuart Supply List

    October 13, No program.  White Elephant Sale

    November 10

          November 11, Workshop, Lone Star, Supply List

                                          Workshop, Fractured Glass,Supply List

We always have exciting programs with nationally known speakers and talented teachers.  Please contact our  2nd Vice President for more information.

QGET is proud to be able to provide Tyler quilters with programs and workshops taught by many nationally renowned quilters.  Our speakers are authors, quilt pattern designers, fabric dyers and nationally recognized instructors. Many have produced award winning quilts at some of the most prestigious quilt shows in the United States.  

Programs are offered the second Thursday of each month following the QGET business meeting at First Christian Church, Tyler.  There is no charge to attend a program.   

Workshops vary in length from 1/2 day to a full day.  They are held on the second Friday of the month.  Full day workshops are generally $40 for members who sign up in advance and $45 for members who sign up at the meeting on Thursday just prior to the workshop.  Cost may vary with the length of the workshop. Workshops begin at 9am.  Participants are encouraged to arrive by 8:30 to set up machines and supplies if necessary.  Workshops are in the workshop room at First Christian Church, Tyler. 

Participants in full day workshops are responsible for either bringing their lunch or obtaining lunch at a nearby restaurant. 

Last Updated: 6 September 2022


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our individual members and Bees for the wonderful programs we have had over the past year. We are blessed to have such gifted members willing to contribute to our Quilt Guild. Your creativity and talents are greatly appreciated! I look forward to the programs in the coming year.

Thanks to Tana Doss for a very informative class on Sashiko! She did a great job in a challenging environment.

Cathy Woodson

September- Trish Stuart
In September Trish Stuart, a nationally known speaker, will be talking to us about pushing boundaries by making simple changes or additions to inspire and energize our work. She will talk to us about her design work making collages, painting, and thread painting. We will have an inspiring showing of her quilts using different techniques.

              Workshop- Grow a hummingbird Garden

The workshop is a collage in which participants will create a sky and streaming stems, flowers will be fussy cut, fused and stitched down. Next will be cutting out the hummingbird and learning how to layer to get the depth and movement. The hummingbird will then be stitched to the sky area. Your kit will include all the materials needed for the project such as top fabrics, batting, backing, fusible web and pattern instructions. The kit fee is $38. The class fee is $45. The supply list is at QGETX.org Programs (Don’t click on the drop-down menu, not Next program. Just click on Programs.)

October- White Elephant Sale
Due to popular request, we will have the White Elephant Sale both before and after the Guild meeting so that everyone has more time to shop! Contact Pat Graham to request a table. 903-941-2907

November-Nancy Roelfsema
I am excited that we have another national speaker coming straight from teaching at the Houston International Quilt Show! Nancy Roelfsema is a great teacher and has a wonderful YouTube channel and website called Onpoint-TV. She is going to tell us about her Quilting Journey and provide a trunk show. Nancy is very entertaining and I am sure that you will enjoy her program and love her workshops. These workshops were selected with Guild member input and will cost approximately half what they do at the Houston QS so I hope you will fill the classes completely. Nancy has such large variety of classes that she teaches that we are going to have 2 different workshops! The supply lists are on QGETX.org Programs (Don’t click on the drop-down menu, not Next program. Just click on Programs.)

              Workshop- Fractured Glass

On Thursday afternoon after guild, she will teach a half day workshop. Look at the pictures on our website and you will see that this would be great made in modern fabrics, brights, or juvenile fabrics. Lots of possibilities!  The class is $30 + $12 for the pattern.

             Workshop- Lone Star

On Friday Nancy is going to teach how to make a Lone Star quilt. If you have ever wanted to make one this is your chance! Nancy makes it so easy to organize and sew this pattern. Your rows will line up and your points will match!!! You will also learn how to do set-in corners. Oh my! The class costs $45 + $12 for the pattern. Hurry and sign up. You don’t want to miss this!

To sign up for class, call Janene Auld 817-454-0501 or email at LJRanch19@gmail.com; for questions, call Cathy Woodson 903-570-8706

Class information-
Classes are normally held on the Friday 9 am to 4 pm, following our Guild meeting on Thursday. You may want to arrive a little early to get your work area set up.

The classes meet in the Christian Life Center (CLC) building which is behind the church building in which we have our Guild meetings. We use Room 5. You may bring your lunch or get take-out locally during our lunch break. Please see the supply list on QGETX.org for your specific class.