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Last Updated 31 December 2020


I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas.  Even though our Christmas party was smaller than usual it was a big success.  Thank you, Rhonda for all of your hard work.  It was wonderful having time to visit with friends we had not seen in almost a year.

Mary Ann Eckert and our other Quilt Show Chairs presented their concerns to the Board about the feasibility of continuing with the plans for our 2021 Quilt Show.  Dallas and Shreveport have already cancelled.  Harvey Hall has very strenuous requirements that would limit the number of attendees and possibly cause us to lose money.  There are strict regulations about how vendor booths must be separated that would cause additional draping expense.  For more detail on the discussion, please see the minutes posted in this newsletter.  The 2021 Quilt Show Chairs then presented a motion that we cancel the quilt show for 2021.  The Board voted in favor of this motion with two dissenting votes.  Since the membership votes to have the quilt show, it is necessary for the membership to cancel it, so the Board asked Mary Ann to present the motion to the membership at the General Meeting on Thursday morning.  There was much discussion at the meeting about alternative ways to have a show.  Several were against cancelling the show altogether, but in the end, the motion passed and the quilt show has been cancelled.  Mary Ann presented a second motion that the raffle quilt be saved and used for the 2022 show.  This motion passed. 

The 2020 Challenge Blocks were judged after the meeting by our own Marilyn Hardy and all the ribbons were awarded.  It was a lot of fun looking at all of them.  It is amazing how many ideas and pattern combinations you all came up with.

Our next meeting is January 14th.  We are not requiring reservations any longer.  Too many of our members do not use Facebook and had no way to RSVP through that method.  Also, the attendance has been 40-50 people, so we are under the room requirements of the church.  Please remember to mask for the meeting.  We are not serving refreshments at this time in order to meet COVID regulations, so please bring your own snack and drink if you need them.

We will be continuing with our lectures and workshops using local members, so if you are willing to present, please let Maggie McGuire know.  Maggie has been in touch with a number of out of town speakers, but none of them are traveling at this time, so we will be reaching out to our membership for help in this area.  Maggie has workshops planned for the next several months, but she could use your support with ideas and your expertise after that, so please contact her if you are willing to present a lecture/trunk show at the meeting or a workshop.

Susan Merrill