Last Updated: 23 June 2022


Meets immediately after the Guild meeting

July Meeting  

President's Message - July

July!  I love this month!  It is my third favorite time of year, with Thanksgiving and Christmas leading the way.  Why do I love July?  For this sole reason.  It gives me a moment to pause and reflect on our Founding Fathers and what they had envisioned in their Great Experiment.  If the experiment hadn’t work, they would have been labeled traitors to the throne of England.  Can you imagine what the outcome of that would have been?  Well, on to Guild news.  Last month we had a wonderful Zoom presentation (along with a little technical issue) about Barn Quilts by Suzi Parron.  It was so very interesting and then the following Saturday, there was a workshop hosted by Rhonda Chapman where you made your very own Barn Quilt!  I am looking forward to our upcoming speakers and workshops.              
Sherry Gary