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Last Updated 31 December 2020

Using the Library's Book Lists

HOURS:  Day of Guild Meeting, 9:00am - 9:30am

LOCATION:  Christian Life Center (East of the First Christian Church)

HOURS:  9:30am - 10:00am

LOCATION:  Library Table in Church Foyer

Contact our  Librarian for more information.

All the guild’s books are listed in Complete Library List but are also shown by category of subject in the other lists:  (1) Applique & Embroidery, (2) Guides and Techniques,  (3) Holiday, Seasonal, Calendar, (4) Patchwork & Piecing, (5) Quilt History and (6) Small Quilts.  By selecting the name of one of these lists, it will automatically open to show you the Title, Author, and a brief Description of the book.

All the lists of books are sorted by Title.  If you want to find a particular subject or author, you may use the shortcut for FIND by pressing the Ctrl plus the “F” keys (or on a Mac the command key at the same time as the “F” key).  This will bring an added line to the top of your screen that has a SEARCH box where you may enter the word(s) you are looking for and then press the ENTER key.  Those word(s) will be highlighted in yellow on the list and by selecting the forward or backward arrows in this FIND option (< >), it lets you move through the list to see addition instances of the search within the list.

If you have any trouble finding the lists on the website or navigating a list to get to the book in which you are interested, click on Librarian at the top of this page and you may email your question.


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