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Last updated: 30 March 2017

June Nyvall, July Program

​You may bring scraps and strips of fabric that you already have of colors that go well together, or bring 1/16-1/8 yard pieces that you can cut into strips. I would prefer that these be solids, but if you only work with prints then bring those. The more colors you have, the better, but you need at least 10. I will have packages of 26 hand dyed fat 16ths in bright colors, along with some browns for balance for $30.

Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter and Mat
Ruler (a 2 ½ “ is good)
Square Ruler (6” is good)
Sewing Tools, etc
A wooden or plastic pressing tool

The Evolution of My Life as a Quilter

I will be giving a trunk show of my quilts from years past to present. I will also be talking about how my style has changed over the years, as well as my love of color and working with dyes.