The Cuddle Quilt Committee would like to thank all who have made Cuddle Quilts   for the Salvation Army.  We will not be giving out kits in December, but will begin in January.  If you have a kit and have not made it yet, please keep it and make it for our next charity.  Guild members made 42 quilts, 431 Hours have been recorded for making quilts, and the kit parties to build the kits totaled 64.5 hours.

Cuddle Quilts

Karen Walters, Robin Kinley, Tana Doss, Teri Bamert


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Last updated: 19 November 2017

This is a new Charity Quilt opportunity for the Guild.  It is not in place of any other charity quilts that are being made, but an addition to make it easier for members to participate in making Charity Quilts. The hours reported for making these quilts will be given to Jerriann Massey and tallied with all other charity hours.

These quilts will be donated to organizations that serve women and children in crisis. If you have a suggestion please let us know.

·       Kits will contain a pattern and fabric to make the quilt tops. 
·       We would like you to donate the backing and batting if possible and try quilting the quilt yourself. If you cannot, bring the top back within  two                          months to a Guild meeting and we will see that it is done.
·       If you need backing and batting when you pick up a kit, let us know and we will make some available for you.

We will also be accepting fabric and batting donations.
·       We accept yardage, pre-cuts and large scraps. (nothing smaller than a fat quarter)
·       Downsize your stash – has that fabric sat there forever?
·       Think of Cuddle Quilts when you shop – found a great sale lately?
·       We will take large batting pieces that can be sewn together.  But if you find a great sale………..

We would like to compile a list of Guild members who would help with quilting the tops if it comes back to us unquilted.  If you are not up to making a quilt, would you consider sewing binding?  Please let us know.

Kit Parties –Watch the newsletter and social media sites for announcements about kit parties.