Meeting Day & Time

4th Thursday, 10:00am, A Nimble Thimble

1st Tuesday, Frankston

Every Thursday except 2nd, 9:00am, Colonial Heights Baptist Church

3rd Wednesday, 9:3 am

1st Monday, 10:00 am

3rd Thursday, 9:00am - 3:00pm, 1st Baptist Church

1st Thursday, 9:30am, Sharman's

2nd Monday, 10:00am

1st Thursday, 9:30 am

3rd Thursday, 10:00am

4th Tuesday at Crafts & Quilting

2nd & 4th Tuesday, 10:00am

​3rd Thursday, 10:00am

3rd Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm

​1st Thursday, 1:00pm, A Nimble Thimble

Bizzy Bee News

The Bizzy Bee is open for new members. We meet every Thursday except the 2nd Thursday at 9 a.m. at Colonial Hills Baptist Church on South Broadway in Tyler in the 2nd building in the Craft Room.

We are still working individually on UFO’s. We have completed many unfinished projects. Karen Hollenshead has worked hard to get our scrapbook up-to-date and is including pictures of the UFO’s that have been shown at the Bee meeting.

We have started working on a charity quilt for Hospice by making and sewing 4-patch blocks. Plans are to have a workday to assemble the blocks at a June date, yet to be determined.

For our Christmas party each member is to make a panel into a wall hanging to exchange. It will be interesting to see what each person makes and who gets to take it home.

The co-chairs of Bizzy Bees are Sharon Moses and Ro Simmons.

Bizzy Bees

Group Name

As the Needle Turns

Bee Creative

Bizzy Bee Quilters

Blazing Needles

​Calico Cutters

Cuddle Quilts​


Nimble Thimbles

Nine Patches


Quilts of Valor

Seams Close

​Sew Happy Quilters

Sew Crazies

Wooly Ewes

What is your Bee up to?

Last Updated 11 October 2021


Contact the Beekeeper for changes and more information.


Karen Walters

Susie Brusie/Tana Doss

Sharon Moses/Ro Simmons

Karen Davault

Linda Witherspoon

Maresa Campbell/Lisa Martin

Marilyn Hardy

Cecilia Brannon

Cathy Woodson

Viki Burt

Maggie McGuire

Paula Park

Robin Kinley

Mendy Brittain 

​Marylou Douglas