#6 Broken Paths?    mid-20th century                         $50

Unusual pattern, perhaps original. Great condition, no stains or damage. Machine pieced and hand quilted at 5 spi straight line.  Davy Crockett fabric, which is a feed sack, in two blocks. Other possible feed sacks. Bound back to front. Muslin back.

EPQP #1749 & 1750                     68 X 81

#1 Dove at the Crossroads (& others)   c. 1880’s        $325

This is a very graphic quilt in good condition. It has only minor staining on the front which does not detract from its beauty. Nice variety of period fabrics. Hand pieced and hand quilted at 6 spi in a fan pattern. Muslin back with stains pictured. It has a wonderful striped binding. Genealogy of maker provided. Origin Texas. Tag attached “Grandmother Ratliff made and gave to Grannie Majors when married."

EPQP similar to 1889b or 1891                 69.5 x 85

#4 Double T quilt            mid-20th century                  $125

This is a very graphic quilt in good condition. The blocks are hand pieced, borders & sashing by machine. Applied binding by hand. Hand quilted by the piece and diagonal in the sashing and border at 6 spi. The red T’s are quilted with red thread. Fabric deterioration in two blue blocks and one yellow block. Back is muslin in good condition.

EPQP # 1662d                 68 x 84.5

#2 Double Irish Chain     pre-Civil War                        $50

This quilt unfortunately is in poor condition. According to family history it was buried to protect it from Northern troops. Tag attached says “made by Grandma Bradly before Civil War”. Genealogy will be provided. It is made from multiple “poison” green fabrics. The stitching is breaking down in the center and it is significantly stained front & back. Bull’s eye quilting done with thread that had been dyed green.

EPQP #1014                    79 x 98

#9 Texas Star or Eastern Star   c. 1940                       $275.00

This is a very cheery, bright quilt in excellent condition.  Appears to be unused. Machine pieced with an applied binding. Abundant hand quilting at 6 spi.

Label attached “Made by Mamma Ratliff”. Genealogy information will be provided.

EPQP # 1631c                       66 X 80

#3 Virginia Star              1870-1880                                    $350

A striking quilt in good condition. It appears to be unwashed as pencil lines are still visible. Hand pieced and hand quilted at 8 spi. Extensive quilting with stars by the piece, sashing and border triple line and background hanging grid. Water stains on back and some on front. One star center opening.

Tag attached “made by momma when she was a girl. Born 1866” Genealogy will be provided.

EPQP #3773b or 3774                  65 x 88

#8 Virginia Star    c. 1860                                                   $450

Striking nine blocks red, yellow and tan (probably green) star quilt with triple borders and yellow sashing. Lovely border fabric. Totally hand pieced.  Good condition. The border fabric feels crisp, perhaps unwashed. Five small tears and one stain on the front. Staining and one hole on the back. Exceptional quilting at 10 spi.  Quilting includes quadruple rod quilting and clamshell. Quilted with thread dyed red and green/blue. Green applied binding.

EPQP #3774              88 X 89

#5 Double T quilt            c. 1940’s                                        $75

An attractive quilt with a fun pieced binding. Machine pieced and hand quilted by the piece. Original binding by hand, then repaired by machine. Fabric deterioration in three blocks. Some fabric fading. Pieced back.

EPQP # 1662d                 62 x 82.5

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Last Updated 31 December 2020

#7  9-Patch in plaids        c. 1910’s                                         $50

This is your basic Southern utility quilt. It is constructed of a variety of plaid fabrics. It is in very good condition. Machine pieced and hand quilted in a fan pattern at 4 spi. Bound back to front. Heavy enough for cold winter weather.

80 X 90