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Last updated: 11 February 2018

Did you know  the Guild awards a free membership to whoever sells the most raffle tickets? That's a $25 value! If you need more tickets, Sharon Moses will stay after guild so you can get them. We want to give a nice donation to our charity this year, so let's all do what we can!

Charities for 2017

​Jackie Fowler, Marilyn Hardy


​The purpose of Quilters' Guild of East Texas is to preserve the heritage of quilting, to assist members in developing a high quality of excellence in quilting, to be a source of information and inspiration, and to provide a gathering of people with a common interest.


​Guild members donate not only financially to the community but donate numerous hours through- out the year by the education of quiltmaking or by giving home- made goodies.

​Cecilia Brannon, Stacey Wiggins

​Susan Nelson

Children's Village​

This organization provides a family home environment to multiple siblings that would otherwise be separated in "the system". These abused, neglected, at risk children are given a second chance at childhood. They learn Christian family values, positive behavior and enhanced social skills.

Literacy Council of Tyler (LCOT)

LCOT  is an organization state that  targets an area particularly benefitting women and children.  the LOCT sponsors and staffs a Family Learning Center at Douglas Elementary, where parents come to learn English, parenting skills, and, of course, the importance of reading in a child’s life. 

The Literacy Council services the East Texas region. In addition to several learning locations in Tyler, there are classes/services provided in Brownsboro, Jacksonville, Lindale, Mineola, Van, and Fruitvale. If travel is a problem for a student, there are distance learning alternatives via computer.  In 2016 the Literacy Council served 2300 students. Some completed GEDs, some participated in ESL programs for adults, and many gained reading skills.  A newer program is the Career Pathways Program, where the Literacy Council gives career guidance to those who have learned to read, have gained their GED, or become proficient in English.


​The Quilters' Guild of East Texas will generally focus its donation on women's and children's issues and needs.  The Executive Board receives proposal forms from Guild members and determines the allocation of funds to those charities by being cognizant of geographical diversity.